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Song Sparrow

7/28/2013 | 0

This sparrow was singing its heart out in a field by my home.

Green Heron

7/28/2013 | 0

Saw this green heron perched on a tree outside my home. I’ve seen it several times throughout the summer.

Belted Kingfisher

7/19/2013 | 0

This kingfisher visits my pond almost every day. I was happy to finally get a few photos.

Wood Ducks

7/19/2013 | 0

Saw this family of Wood Ducks in a pond on my way home. I took a lot of photos and … Read More

Common Ravens

7/16/2013 | 0

We have about 10 ravens that live near our home.

Eastern Phoebe

7/12/2013 | 0

I’ve had a pair of Eastern Phoebes nest at my home for a few years now.

Purple Finch

7/12/2013 | 0

This bird is singing outside my home everyday, all-day long.