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Barred Owl

5/22/2016 | 0

Barred owlet trying out the wings on the day of fledging. Several days and several hours of quiet observation invested … Read More

Tree Swallows

5/22/2016 | 0

A rarity to find tree swallows in a natural cavity as they are most often seen in nest boxes. Newbury, … Read More

Prairie Warbler

5/22/2016 | 1

One of the warbler species to nest locally, this prairie warbler was singing and defending his territory. Woburn,ma 5/19/16 Cainnon … Read More

Barred Owl

5/16/2016 | 0

Barred owl sunning on a cool may morning Canon 1D mk IV 500mm IS mkII + 1.4x Tripod Middles ex … Read More

Marsh Wren

5/4/2016 | 0

Marsh wren singing in the reeds 4/30/16 Canon 1D mk IV 500mm f/4+2x Tripod Concord,ma

Black-capped Chickadee

4/28/2016 | 0

Noticed this little chickadee eating the new flower buds so just sat and waited unti it presented itself on a … Read More

Swamp Sparrow

4/15/2016 | 0

Early morning displays at great meadows in concord, ma 4/15/16 Canon 1D mk IV 300mm 2.8L IS + 2x Tripod