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Cattle Egret

10/22/2013 | 0

I call this species of Cattle Egret the ‘Spinal Creeper’. Photographed 10-12-13. Canon 50D, 100-400mm L.

Say’s Phoebe

10/22/2013 | 0

I photographed this Say’s Phoebe in Sumter County, Georgia, 10-21-13, one day after after I photographed another Georgia rarity, a … Read More

White-faced Ibis

10/22/2013 | 0

Third record for Georgia. I found this White-faced Ibis and a juvenile in Sumter County, Georgia (SW Georgia). 10-20-13. It … Read More

Northern Parula

8/15/2013 | 1

Northern Parula photographed near my home in SW Georgia. Canon 50D, 100-400mm L.

Summer Tanager

8/15/2013 | 0

Photographed this Summer tanager getting ready to take a bath. Canon 50D, 100-400mm L.

Worm-eating Warbler

7/23/2013 | 0

Photographed on Brawley Mountain in north Georgia. Canon 50D, 100-400mm L.

Rusty Blackbird

7/23/2013 | 0

It may not be one of the most glamorous or beautiful or exciting bird there is but this Rusty Blackbird … Read More