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Loggerhead Shrike

1/15/2015 | 0

I photographed a whole series of this Loggerhead Shrike and its prey, which seems to be a Savannah Sparrow. 1-14-15. … Read More

Say’s Phoebe

1/2/2015 | 0

Photographed in Miller County, Ga, 12-13-14 Canon 50D, 100-400mmL

Sedge Wren

1/1/2015 | 0

Sedge Wren photographed at Eufala NWR (Bradley Unit) Canon 50D, 100-400mmL

Vermilion Flycatcher

1/1/2015 | 0

Photographed in Miller County Ga. 12-28-14. Canon 7D MKII, 100-400mmL

Inca Dove

1/1/2015 | 0

This pair has been in Baker County, Ga for a whole year. Canon 7D MKII, 100-400mmL


12/4/2014 | 0

This Sanderling was too busy feeding to notice me standing on the beach. Photographed at Bald Point SP along the … Read More