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Common Goldeneye

12/24/2016 | 0

I am posting this in Rarities because it is very rare for a Common Goldeneye to be in the state … Read More

Reddish Egrets

9/7/2016 | 0

I was so happy to get both the white and dark morphs in the same frame! I believe this is … Read More

Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks

8/28/2016 | 0

Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks at the Viera Wetlands. Hoping to see babies soon! Nikon D7100, Nikkor 80-400mm lens.

Black Skimmers

7/30/2016 | 0

This was taken at the Black Skimmer colony on Indian Shores beach, the gulf coast of Florida. It is certainly … Read More

Black Skimmers

7/22/2016 | 0

It looks as if the Black Skimmer chick on the right is looking with longing at the needle fish being … Read More

Northern Parula

5/18/2016 | 0

Was thrilled to see this Northern Parula singing so beautifully in my backyard this morning. Nikon D7100, Nikkor 300 mm … Read More

Burrowing Owls

5/7/2016 | 0

Burrowing Owls nest in many parks in south Florida. It is always a joy to see the Owlets once they … Read More