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Brown Pelicans

7/13/2015 | 0

Brown Pelicans fishing in the harbor. Taken with a Nikon D3200.

Brown Pelican

7/13/2015 | 0

Went down to a local harbor and caught this and other pelicans enjoying a fine summer’s day. Taken with a … Read More

American Coot

6/15/2015 | 0

Got this shot of an American Coot surfacing from the water with food in its mouth. It’s a great shot … Read More

Ruddy Duck

6/9/2015 | 0

Saw this duck on the same walk as the Kestrel. It was a good time.

House Finch

6/9/2015 | 0

This little guy was sitting on my fence on Saturday. He was enjoying our neighbor’s feeder.

American Kestrel

6/9/2015 | 0

Went on a birdwatching walk on Saturday and got this girl sitting on a wooden pole.

Red-shouldered Hawk

6/9/2015 | 0

I was driving around the other day and came upon this red-shouldered hawk sitting in the light pole. I think … Read More