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Burrowing Owl

10/28/2013 | 0

You gotta love the look of owl’s eyes….something so captivating about their stare. At least to me there is. Photographed … Read More

Barred Owl

10/28/2013 | 0

A Barred Owl photographed in Bedford Reservation, Ohio. If not for the noisy flock of Bluebirds that did not like … Read More

Wood Duck

10/25/2013 | 1

A fall favorite of mine is shooting up at North Chagrin Reservation located in Ohio for these guys…..Wood Ducks! 1dmkIV, … Read More

Northern Mockingbird

9/9/2013 | 0

A Northern Mockingbird on a Sable Palm snag photographed in Florida. ~Joshua Clark 1dmkIV, manual, 1/500sec @ f/6.3, ISO 400, … Read More

Wilson’s Plover

8/13/2013 | 0

Photographed this Wilson’s Plover on her nest of three eggs in Flagler Beach, Florida. ~Joshua Clark 1dmkIV, manual, 1/1000sec @ … Read More

Least Tern

7/29/2013 | 0

A male Least Tern seeking his mate at Flagler Beach Florida. The male Least Tern will present a fish to … Read More

Barred Owl

7/29/2013 | 1

I photographed this Barred Owl in Florida this past April. I had a great experience with a pair of these … Read More

Great Horned Owls

7/29/2013 | 1

Another image from a Great Horned Owl nest at Brecksville Reservation, located here in Ohio. This time around, I decided … Read More