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Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl

6/16/2013 | 0

Taken in Brazil. This little owl was sitting over a carnival booth one night watching the goings on. I snapped … Read More

Roadside Hawk

6/13/2013 | 0

This Roadside Hawk in Uruguay, South America seems to be casting a spell. His eyes were fascinating.

Carolina Wren

6/13/2013 | 0

Look closely…she’s there. A momma Carolina Wren made her nest in the perfect spot with the perfect caption. You think … Read More

Cedar Waxwings

6/13/2013 | 0

These Cedar Waxwings invade a holly bush and circle up to eat as many berries as possible.

Eastern Bluebirds

6/13/2013 | 0

This male Eastern Bluebird is showing off for this female. I watched him bounce back and forth from the fence … Read More

Brown Pelican

6/13/2013 | 1

A Brown Pelican dives head first into the shallows in Galveston.

Belted Kingfisher

6/13/2013 | 0

This Belted Kingfisher does not seem to grasp the irony of his perch.