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Great Egret

8/2/2014 | 0

A beautiful Great Egret. D & R Canal. Kingston, NJ.

American Goldfinch

8/2/2014 | 0

American Goldfinch. Birdfeeder at the Plainsboro Preserve, NJ Audubon Society.

Mute Swans

8/1/2014 | 0

Cygnets sunbathing, D & R Canal Park. Princeton, NJ.

Black Swans

7/24/2014 | 0

Pair of Black Swans with Chicks. Taken on vacation at Sun Island Park. Harbin, China.

Blue Jay

11/28/2013 | 0

A Blue Jay at Nassau Park Pavilion. Princeton, NJ. DMC-FZ70 B-300 1.7x telephoto.