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Green-winged Teal

10/24/2013 | 0

A male Green-winged Teal stretches its wings from close proximity. Ottawa, Canada

Cape May Warbler

10/1/2013 | 1

A Cape May Warbler in fall plumage makes a stop during migration to probe the many crevices of a mullein … Read More

Wood Duck

9/26/2013 | 0

A male Wood Duck proudly displays his freshly renewed breeding attire. Ottawa, Canada

Green Heron

9/24/2013 | 1

Zoning in on some unsuspecting prey…this heron is highly concentrated for the task at hand. Ottawa, Canada.

Lesser Yellowlegs

9/17/2013 | 0

Struttin’ its’ stuff along a local beach during fall migration. Ottawa, Canada

Greater Yellowlegs

9/4/2013 | 0

Resting on a pile of washed-up leaf litter, a Greater Yellowlegs takes a small break from feeding activities. Ottawa, Canada