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Northern Cardinal

10/29/2014 | 0

This female Northern Cardinal perched long enough for me to get a decent shot of her.

Carolina Chickadee

10/29/2014 | 0

A recent shot of one of several Carolina Chickadees that visit my feeders in my backyard.

Carolina Wren

10/27/2014 | 0

This Carolina Wren was visiting my backyard recently! I enjoy watching these very vocal and energetic birds.

Eastern Bluebirds

10/20/2014 | 0

This pair (male and female) were showing some interesting behavior at one of my bird houses. D7100, 260mm@f/8, ISO500, 1/6400 … Read More

Eastern Bluebird

10/16/2014 | 0

This male Eastern Bluebird was hanging out in my backyard and offered a pretty good pose for this shot.

Downy Woodpecker

10/16/2014 | 0

This is an image of a male Downy Woodpecker on a Mimosa tree in my backyard from last Winter.

Eastern Phoebe

10/16/2014 | 0

This is a recent image from a trip to Missouri. These are neat birds to observe.