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Eastern Bluebird

2/14/2015 | 1

This male Eastern Bluebird was descending to his house from a nearby tree in my back yard. Camera and lens: … Read More

Eastern Bluebirds

1/29/2015 | 0

These Eastern Bluebirds have been busy looking at the birdhouse in my back yard. This shot is of one male … Read More

Northern Cardinal

1/14/2015 | 0

This male was perched close enough for me to get a pretty good shot of him. D7100, 270mm @f/5.6, ISO … Read More

Northern Cardinal

1/5/2015 | 0

This is a recent image of a male Northern Cardinal in my backyard.

Purple Martin

11/26/2014 | 0

Here is an image of a preening female Purple Martin from a couple of years ago.

Purple Martin

11/26/2014 | 0

A female Purple Martin about to gather some nesting materials.

Northern Cardinal

11/17/2014 | 0

This handsome male was nearby one of my feeders recently.

American Robin

11/4/2014 | 0

Here’s a recent shot of an American Robin in my back yard as it was about to feed on some … Read More