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Green Heron

8/19/2013 | 0

This photo was taken on a lake in Missouri yesterday while we were fishing.

Northern Cardinal

8/5/2013 | 0

This recently fledged cardinal was sitting on our fence until I got the camera, then it flew to the tree.

American Goldfinch

8/5/2013 | 0

Our neighbors have a row of sunflowers planted along the end of their garden and the goldfinches are really feasting!

Red-headed Woodpeckers

7/23/2013 | 0

I check the nest daily in the neighbor’s yard. The baby is becoming more vocal and more inquisitive. It sticks … Read More


7/23/2013 | 0

This photo was taken in west central Illinois along the Mississippi River yesteday. Unusual for them to have little ones … Read More