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Lilac-breasted Roller

10/17/2014 | 0

This lilac-breasted roller had just captured its next meal. Picture shot in the Serengeti of Tanzania in April of this … Read More

Barrow’s Goldeneye

10/15/2014 | 0

These two were in a little open water in the Jackson, Wyoming, area when they both decided to take off … Read More

Gray Crowned Cranes

10/7/2014 | 0

This was shot in Tanzania. These two were doing their mating dance. The picture was shot in April of 2014.

Trumpeter Swan

10/1/2014 | 0

This swan was spending a lot of time showing off how beautiful it was. Shot in the Tamarac National Wildlife … Read More

Pine Grosbeaks

2/24/2014 | 0

These grosbeaks were shadowing each other in the trees. Shot in Cooke City, Montana area with a Nikon 70-200.

Burrowing Owl

1/9/2014 | 0

This burrowing owl was staring me down sitting on the edge of its burrow while its mate was in the … Read More


1/6/2014 | 0

This Anhinga had just speared this fish. Shot in the Everglades area of south Florida.