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Northern Flicker

6/10/2014 | 0

“Yellow-shafted” Northern Flicker. The Beanery, Cape May

Great Cormorant

6/9/2014 | 0

Cormorant flying alongside the cruise ship Viking Legend. Danube, Slovakia

Mute Swan

6/9/2014 | 0

Mute Swan on the Danube, Slovakia

Gray Heron

6/9/2014 | 0

This Gray Heron has a good fishing plan. He is standing on the gate of the Gabcikovo lock on the … Read More

Lesser Yellowlegs

6/9/2014 | 0

Heavy rains the day before left large puddles at the Beanery, Cape May. This yellowleg was feeding when….

Hooded Crow

6/6/2014 | 0

Hooded Crow photographed near Matthias Church, Pest, Hungary