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American Goldfinch

3/30/2016 | 0

Took this photo of the American Goldfinch. a fun shot, it has the hull from a sunflower seed on its … Read More

House Finch

3/29/2016 | 0

Took this photo of the male house finch in my backyard in North Alabama, common visitor to backyard feeders. Canon … Read More

American Goldfinch

3/27/2016 | 0

Took this photo of the American Goldfinch in my backyard, North Alabama USA From dull winter color to bright yellow … Read More

American Goldfinch

3/25/2016 | 0

American Goldfinch, photo taken in North Alabama Canon 70D Tamron 150-600 MM lens

Northern Cardinal

3/24/2016 | 0

Northern Cardinal in my backyard at the open feeder. Photo taken 3-19-16 North Alabama USA Canon 70D Tamron 150-600 MM … Read More

Common Grackle

3/21/2016 | 0

Common Grackle at my backyard feeder. Photo taken on 3-19-16 North Alabama USA

Downy Woodpecker

3/14/2016 | 0

Typical for a woodpecker to look around as it moves up or down a tree, this downy woodpecker was going … Read More

Downy Woodpecker

3/14/2016 | 0

Windy day so the feathers were blowing on this downy woodpecker as it is typical for them to move up … Read More