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Red-tailed Hawk

8/14/2013 | 0

I had just taken a photo of a Seagull in flight and seconds later saw a Red-tailed Hawk and began … Read More

Baltimore Oriole

8/14/2013 | 0

A beautiful female Baltimore Oriole I saw on a walk through Swan Lake in Markham, Ontario. Taken with a Canon … Read More

Eastern Kingbirds

8/13/2013 | 0

Taken at Carden Alvar in Kirkfield Ontario on July 15/2011 with a Canon T2i camera and 100-400 telephoto lens.

Prairie Warbler

8/1/2013 | 2

This photo was taken at Swan Lake in Markham, Ontario on May 16th of this year. Rarely seen in Ontario … Read More